Chicken shrimp gumbo. You know, the ones that were scared to get in the net?
my father.


I have a schedule in my head.  All my school assignments are mapped out in my head.

Voting is next week in my mind ‘cause gran and I have the mail in ballots. 

But all last evening, because gran does not have a bunch of other things to worry about, she would ask about once an hour “have you looked into all the stuff to vote?” 

I am gonna have to rearrange my map ‘cause she can’t do anything else but worry about it. 

And I understand that.

It’s just so difficult to do school and maintain my relationships while also fitting gran in where ever she wants to be. 

She can’t help that she is losing her mind, and she deserves as much dignity as possible in her last years. 

So maybe we’ll go over the ballot tonight before I do my homework.

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I am about to freak out

These are my responsibilities:


Lead worship

Blum Center


House/bills/shopping/cooking/meal planning


Maintain my relationships with boyfriend, family, friends. 

I came home planning on studying and the dog who I am trying to potty train peed and pooped in the house and needed a walk.  I forgot to take the trash out and to do laundry.  I have a presentation to put together and two midterms to study for as well as having an award ceremony for being on the Chancellors Honors list. 

Now gran is home and sharing her anxiety with me and my stomach is churning and I am about to completely freak out. 

Pray for me. 

I am praying to, but maybe you guys can pray more coherently than I can at the moment.

I was thinking

I had a feeling about my relationship that I couldn’t put my finger on. 

The other day I realized that its freedom.

I feel free to leave. 

Not that I want to.  This might all sound weird, but with the possible exception of my first, I have only been in relationships where I was manipulated into staying. 

I am not being manipulated. 

I could leave.  He isn’t trying to hide flaws, or put himself in power over me.  He just loves me.  He takes me as I am, makes me comfortable in my own skin; even with all my little quirks. 

There is no conflict.  There is no manipulation going on that my heart and mind are fighting over. 

I am not tricked into staying.  I am here because I love him.  And I trust his love for me. 

It’s nice.  :) 

In Other News…

My boyfriend is amazing. 


I rather miss the older new Who

I dunno.  Clara isn’t my fav.  I am not feeling much depth in this new one. 

I was so excited for 12 too.  :/

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