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We supposedly played the clean version of loaded questions

There was nothing clean about that game.

I don’t want to hear anything perverted for at least 3 days.

They wanted to go find cards against humanity too. 





I lost it at the Urban Decay Naked eye make up pallet


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Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 4 days till who: One episode that makes you smile
 - The Runaway Bride 

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— You’re the TARDIS?
— Yes.
— My Doctor!

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God and i

have been talking about His power.

It had been a while since I sat and really thought, “God is a big powerful awesome God.” 

The other night I thought, “If I believe in that power, I need to lean on it.” 

Time to move mountains. 

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He’s so amazing

I couldn’t begin to explain. 

One of the biggest things is how he approaches God in our relationship.  I have always had guys try to just be over involved in my relationship with God, but with Matthew its like we are walking with God together.  He doesn’t criticize me when I stumble or for how I look at things and he shows a spirit of humility when we talk about aspects of God.  

After spending 2 years around a guy that had nothing good to say about how I approached God or how he did for that matter…it is so nice to walk together with God and my love.

I even have my songs back.  :)

Abba, You pay me more mind than I deserve.