My gran is like, “You are ruining your feet by going barefoot all the time!”

Hi grandma, how was your day?

I applied for so many jobs today

that I don’t remember how many jobs I applied for. 


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Now that I have a man that treats me with respect

I realize how all the guys before were teaching me that I was worthless.  Even if they didn’t say it.  Even if they told me I was the best.  First boyfriend cheated on me, second just wanted to sleep with me, also cheated, third manipulated my feelings to get what he wanted out of me, fourth never got around to asking me out, instead strung me along with regard for how it affected me until he found a replacement. 

And now I have someone that treats me, not just in word, but in action, like I am a daughter of God.  For the first time it lines up with who God says I am. 


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Feed your soul during breakfast.

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This whole movie was a masterpiece.

I really wanna see this movie


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You must keep all earthy treasures out of your heart, and let Christ be your treasure, and let Him have your heart.
C.H. Spurgeon (via bibledevotionals)
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I have had a migraine all day

:(  I wanna cry.  Nothing helps.

You cannot complete me, I cannot complete you.

A relationship cannot make two individuals whole, that is why we must be willing to give over our whole lives, even the life of the one person you love most, to Christ.

If you seek salvation in the arms of another, you will find more brokenness, but if you seek Christ, you will find grace; and that is of monumental importance in any relationship.

I can say you are beautiful, but the reality is that Christ offers more than words; that is greater than anything in this soul can offer.

If I am to love you, I must point you daily to the Father. If I am to care for you, I must be Christ daily. If I am to honor and cherish your heart, I must be willing to surrender it to Christ daily.

No other cornerstone is a relationship, or a single life, more worthy to be built on than the cornerstone of Christ.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via savedbymercyandgrace)

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